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[ BL Silver Coat RT ] : Finally Dryer introduction!!!


Dryer. Power and possibilities are infinite

We introduced the dryer which I long planned finally or at last… Blow high heat to the products is the key of the “BL Silver Coat RT” process also all the other hybrid coating of us. But  I put off the introduction about  it because our main work is test paint or sample creation. Now is not the time I thought.

Anyways I’m company owner if I purchased this high price dryer I’ll shout an order   “Use more and more!! “  Echoing in my office is for sure… Also we have small problem about man power shortage in year round.  So tha’s why I passive attitude to the dryer. 

But I got information from one of  my friend who is factory owner said they will give to us used dryer if I would. I said “YES” right way and it just arrived of the other day finally. As you can see the small size but it is enough to be used for test paint and sample creation. Iaddition, there is not needed start up a new paint department. 

By the way it’s can be easy to fit to 21inc. wheel for motorcycle I have no problem in actual use. The power is 100v specification which is more user-friendly I like that.

I tried test construction with BL Silver Coat RT when the dryer arrived that day

Then I go straight to the point… for “BL Silver Coat RT “ construction must needs. Dryer….means must equipment. Why I didn’t I realise that earlier!!  I though was during  the primer burned , silver burned and top clear burned. I’ve thought that many times. 

This is convection type dryer. It might be warm heat air to directly to the  object evenly perhaps. I checked these process by each stage it very well done than before. Dried and burned by sheet metal heater even if I compared that completion were quite different. The surface condition is really glossy and smooth…. it’s possible to calculate our production time it might be very helpful.  If you get the dryer for “BL Silver Coat RT “ construction it could be completed in half day!

New discoveries!!!

After primer then go to the silver process and into the dryer these are regular process.  The ibject is a ceramic dish. Please the follows as dryer setting.

Dry time : 20min.
Dry temparature: 120℃

I taken a dried dish out from the dryerI I realised that it was brightly silver colour looks like as chrom plate completely. Furthermore, I tried to scrape off the silver without top clear coat from the surface but I couldn’t. Even though I scraped all my might and the next, with water, detergent and waste cloth. but the state of silver condition is stable still brightly and looks like a real metallic. It was very easy to washed off by detergent before. At this point II really surprised that such toughness after applied this time. Please look at the following movie  which I share with you certainly.

It’s possible to silver metallic make in-house with dryer!!

Once the silver surface can be tougher all that is left is the Top Clear construction.  This process same as regular urethane’s top clear it could be keeps the stably condition at silver colour as it is. There is no problem about the recent colour that is any changed never get into inferior situation by the Top Clear coating.

What this means It’s on the premised  that the object can be withstand such a high heat 80-120℃  therefore  silver coating and the other all process can be make in-house if this is all the dryer. Moreover “BL Silver Coat RT “ has  only 3 steps processing  in fact that time required for the production time will be  ends in half a day enough it’s true!!!

I hope you can them to realise this full potential about  it and make a ton of money with “BL Hycoater” !!!

We will fully back up the construction and work flow  of this special hybrid paint “BL Silver Coat RT “ if you interested or any  concerns please feel free to contact us!!

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