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Application Technique : BL Sparkle Coat


Application Technique : BL Sparkle Coat

“BL Sparkle Coat” has thin film, it will be reflected as it is you could see the condition of the finished coated. Some scratches, levelling, Miri finished condition. I highly recommend this with close attention to details. Be carefully apply to thin layer as much as you can. Thick coating may causes cracks final film formation.

1To degrease completely
To degrease completely with silicon off or ethanol after washed surface off
Wipe-Off with a clean cloth of degreasing agent on the surface

2BL Sparkle Coat
Formula method –
Main : Hardner F= 10 : 1 / Thinner duration % : For main 60-100%

Depends on the formulation of thinner it’s adjustable of colour shade.
Standard film : 5-10μm
Thin coating as much as you can ( 3-4 round or so)
Thick coating causes cracks in final film formation
Specialised primer is one component type
Recommendation Forced air dry : 80°C x 30min. (After the touche drying)
Dry at the normal temperature (ex. Drying condition : 20℃)
Touch dry : 20-30min.
Curing dry : 24hours
Full cure : 5 days

Workable materials

Surface of Chrome plating and Deposition plating, Glasses, various Metal, various Plastics, PET, Acrylic, Urethan coated surface(Possible to coat surfacer directly) Alumite, various woods, various stones etc…

Various SDS/ Technical documents DL

BL Sparkle Coat : Main / SDS
BL Sparkle Coat : Thinner  / SDS
BL Sparkle Coat : Hardner F  / SDS
BL Sparkle Coat : Technical data

BL Sparkle Coat

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