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BL Silver Coat RT was released

BL Silver Coat RT

BL Silver Coat RT was developed by blending different techniques from a conventional silver mirror coating while the substrate surface derives from a ”mirror-finishing via silver” silver chrome tone-painting system of our completely new process, cutting down application time without sacrificing quality. Originating from state-of-the-art nanotechnology which guided the development, we succeeded in coagulating the silver nanoparticles at low temperatures. Compared to silver film from a conventional silver mirror reaction, we created a high-brightness and stable silver film. In addition, BL Silver Coat RT is able to be applied with normal painting equipment – a compressor and spray gun. Thus you don’t need specialised and dedicated equipment normally required for conventional silver mirror coating, like twin-nozzled spray guns, etc. The application process has been greatly simplified. We have developed a very proficient, excellent silver chrome-tone paint processing technique which both saves time and money while increasing quality for excellent cost/performance.
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