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BL Gold Coat was released

BL Gold Coat

Using unique research institute nanotechnology, we have finally achieved 100% pure K24. That is, we have succeeded in liquefying genuine Gold. We have established the world’s first Gold Coat painting system that makes it possible to give surfaces the unique, beautiful design and high quality feel of gold in a short time. With no need for special machinery, large equipment like glazing ovens, or proficient skill, it is now possible to use a spray gun or another simple tool like a paint brush to treat surfaces and achieve various looks with gold. Furthermore, the manufacturing process has also been drastically simplified. In particular, one of the big advantages of BL Gold Coat is that it dries completely at room temperature. It is also designed to maintain gold’s unique malleability (stretched into a line, 1g of gold becomes around 3000m, and 0.5 square meters when spread out), so this painting system is superior when it comes to cost performance as well. Just paint it on for the shine of real gold. We would love for you to make use of this new technology, the first of its kind in the world.
◯ Patent acquired
◯ SDS Sheet attachment possible.

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